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Continuing Education


Non-credit Courses By Title
Venice: A History in Art and Music
Mystical Landscapes: An Exhibition at the AGO Preview
Art Deco, Dada and the Jazz Age
The Self Portrait
Japanese Gardens and Architecture
Art and Destruction
The Doctor is In: Art, Medicine and Creative Madness
European Textiles in the Middle Ages
Art and Architecture of the Islamic World
Jewellery: Design and Power Across the Mediterranean World
Classics of Italian Cinema: Obsession, Passion, Dreams & Death
Russian Film: Andrei Zviagintsev's The Return
Post Impressionism and Beyond
Medieval Billboards: Sculptured Portals in the Romanesque and Gothic
Art in Turbulent Times: Chagall & Malevich in Vitebsk
The Holy Fool in Russian Literature
William Blake: Selected Poems
The Philosophical Novel
Robinson Crusoe: Ethics & Literature Part IV
Sean O'Casey: Witnessing 1916
Thomas Hardy: The Man Who "Noticed" Things
The Sagas Continue....
Book Club
Eco's The Name of the Rose & Calvino's If on A Winter's Night A Traveler
Robert Frost: Selected Poems
Somerset Maugham: The Novels
Ernest & Game: The Canterbury Tales
Anthony Trollope and Downton Abbey
Topics in Greek Tragedy
Exploring Vivaldi's Gloria
Russian Opera
Requiems - Music of Rest and Consolation
An Introduction to Mahler: Part II
The Music of Lent
The Oriental in Opera
Frederic Chopin: Polish Patriot, Passionate Pianist
Cities of Music: Dresden
Antonin Dvorak
The Real Tudors
The Toronto Sports Scene
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Bernard Lonergan | Canadian Philosopher and Theologian
Christianity in Byzantine Times
World Religions: Western Religions in the Modern World
Slaying Dragons: Saints, Nature and Animals