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Continuing Education


Non-credit Courses By Title
Art in Times of Conflict
Michelangelo at the AGO
Aleksandr Askoldov's Commisar | Russian Film
Values in Current Release | Oscar Preview
Textiles and Trade
A Day with Vermeer
The Cloisters Museum - A Virtual Tour
The Uncommon History of Everyday Items
A Day with Piero della Francesca
Art and Place
Andrei Rublev | The Best ArtHouse Film of All Time?
Writing the City | Reading Toronto
The Brothers Karamazov 1
The Brothers Karamazov 2
The Fiction of Flannery O'Connor | Grace & the Grotesque
Milton's Paradise Lost
Baudelaire and Paris | The Birth of Modernity
King Lear
The Irish Heroic Tale
Writing LIfe Stories | From Memory to Memoir
Murder and Mayhem - Law and Order
Mavis Gallant
Eye of the Abyss | Schevchuk
Ethics and Literature III | Shakespeare & Heaney
Wordsworth | The Prelude
TSO 2014-2015 Season Highlights
Handel Operas
Schubert | The Zenith of the Art Song
The Big Bands
Introduction to Medieval Drama
Valentine's Day with Symphonies
Great Performances | Four of the Best
Early 20th Century Opera
Triumphs of the French Renaissance
If It Ain't Baroque
Great Jazz Vocals
Violin Concertos
Apparitions of Mary
The Face of Christianity in the 21st Century
The Spanish Inquisition
Climate Change and Christian Ethics
Lives of the Early Irish Saints
A Tour of the Holy Land | Ancient and Modern
Noah | Bible vs. Blockbuster
The Philosophy of Addiction
Books Left Out of the Bible
Toronto and the Art of Losing | The Sequel
Form and Fortune in Music