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Continuing Education


Non-credit Courses By Title
Art and Architecture of the Northern Renaissance
Preparing for the AGO's Guggenheim Exhibit
The Art of Adapting Literature into Film
Van Gogh: His Art & Words
Great European Cities in An Age of Anxiety
Picasso and Beyond: Art of the 20th Century
The Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi
Textiles and the Natural World
A Day with Rembrandt
Russian Film Seminar: Zviagintsev's Elena
Ethics and Literature 1: A Tale of Two Cities
W.B. Yeats: Later Poems
Chekhov's Short Stories
Great Books 1: The Core Texts
Brendan Behan: The Laughing Boy
The Three Sisters
Great Books II: The Renaissance
Ethics and Literature II: Alice in Wonderland
Seamus Heaney
Inferno: From Dante to Dan Brown
Edith Wharton: The Age of Innocence
Crime and Punishment 1
Screening Anna Karenina
Proust and Belle Epoque Paris
Crime and Punishment II
Verdi 200: Part 1
The Tone Poem: Stories in Music
Verdi 200: Part II
Jean Sibelius
The Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams
Bah Humbug! The History of Christmas
In Search of Richard III
Valentine's Day with Symphonies
Reformation & Counter-Reformation
Mozart & Others
Sir Edward Elgar
The Piano Music of Beethoven
Great Women of Christianity
The Dead Sea Scrolls
Thomas Merton
Finding God in Middle-Earth
Dreams: A History
Mysticism and the Spanish Inquisition
Toronto's Sports Teams: The Art of Losing