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Continuing Education

Guide to Submitting Continuing Education Proposals

The Office of Continuing Education provides a variety of teaching opportunities in a wide range of general interest (non-credit) programs throughout the year. Faculty, graduate students, adjuncts, staff and individuals with academic knowledge and/or practical instructional experience are welcome to submit course proposals. You may submit more than one course proposal.

The Continuing Education Advisory Committee is responsible for determining the academic direction of the program and course offerings.  The Committee meets in May to review submissions and decisions are communicated by May 31st.
We encourage course proposals in the following areas:

  • Art, Architecture and Film
  • Literature and Creative Writing
  • Music
  • Religion, Spirituality and Ethics

St. Michael’s is well known for its traditional Programs of Study – Book and Media Studies, Celtic Studies, Christianity and Culture, Medieval Studies and Theology. Courses that reflect these areas are also encouraged. 
We offer five-week courses and Saturday workshops which run from October to May. Our five-week courses consist of 2 hour sessions for a total of 10 hours and our Saturday workshops run from 10am – 3pm, with one hour for lunch (which is provided in the College’s cafeteria).  All courses are held on the St. Michael’s campus.

What Do I Need to Consider When Drafting My Proposal?

  • Potential Market Demand
  • Uniqueness vs. availability of similar courses in the community
  • Relevance of content to the USMC community
  • Fit with other related courses we are offering
  • Instructor qualifications and teaching experience

We ask that you submit to us by March 30th, 2013, the following:

  • Name, address and contact information
  • Course name, description (50 – 100 words) and learning outline
  • Course time preference | weekday morning, weekday afternoon, weekday evening, Saturday
  • Course session preference | Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Equipment requirements
  • Resume and letters of recommendation

For your information, the Collective Agreement with CUPE 3902 Unit 4 sets the employment conditions for non-certificate continuing education instructors.  The agreement can be found at

Please submit your proposal(s) to:

Laurel-Ann Finn, Program Manager
Continuing Education, University of St. Michael’s College
81 St. Mary Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1J4 (416) 926-7254
C.E. office located at: 1 Elmsley Place, 3rd Floor